Dr. George Papanicolaou Stamp
Dr. George Papanicolaou Stamp

Dr. George Papanicolaou

Woman’s Benefactor

The Father of Cytology and the Originator of the Pap Test one of the most effective screening test that has been instrumental in the significant reduction of incidence and morality from cervical cancer. Deaths from Cancer of uterus have been greatly reduced because of the test and saved millions of women. Stamps from USA, Greece, Cyprus of Dr. George Papanicolaou, Father of cervical Cancer screening by Cytology the Pap Test. The USA Stamp Commemorates the 100 anniversary of his Birthday.

George Papanicolaou was a Greek physician and anatomist in the United States (1883 - 1962). Papanicolaou is the discoverer of "Pap Smear" or "Papanicolaou Smear", a life saving test, saving millions of lives of women around the world by early detecting the cancer of the cervix of uterus and other premalignant conditions of the female genital tract.

Fifty years have passed since the death of the renowned Dr. George N. Papanicolaou, a man of conviction and discoverer of the Pap smear. Despite difficulties and opposition he remained persistent and developed a method for early cancer detection. Subsequently, use of the Pap smear has resulted in a 70% decrease in cervical and uterine cancer deaths in the last 50 years. It is considered a reliable technique and is still expanding by being applied to other organs and systems and in the use of fine needle aspiration.

The Statue of Dr. George Papanicolaou will be placed by the Foundation of Hellenism of America in front of Cancer Research Building Center Institute in Miami Florida to commemorate the 50 anniversary of his death the most outstanding American and woman’s Benefactor.

A request to all women that their lives was saved by the Pap Test to help with a donation to build the Statue and base for Dr. George Papanicolaou.

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